Naming My Devices After AV Idols

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Since this blog isn’t active and I have about fifteen post-drafts waiting, I figured I’d start getting into the swing of things by posting anything that comes to mind; I’ve got to loosen up. I’m so backed up on posts, I’ve yet to finish my AKB48 at Japan Day and LadyBaby in NYC concert posts…

I was thinking about the names I choose for the devices in my home. From TVs, to computers, to game consoles— while the mold’s been occasionally broken, I’ve generally named them after AV idols. The most frequently used names are Kokomi and Hitomi, in tribute of Naruse Kokomi and Kitagawa Hitomi. While I’m a big fan of many girls, and even find some of them more attractive, Kokomi and Hitomi are my favorites. It’s because their appeal extends outside of porn for me. Actually, my draw to Kokomi is almost despite her AV-career; I love her style and personality.

Another name I use a lot is Milky, since Watanabe Miyuki is my favorite idol. Milky’s also the name of my WiFi network, with the password being “passwordis0”, referencing the Morning Musume song.

I’m just thinking aloud here– isn’t that the purpose of having a blog? It feels great.

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