Junior Idols And My Love For Shiina Momo

Shiina MomoThe term junior idol’s often used to describe the youngest of the young within the idol business. Even though Junior idol actually refers to a wide age range, colloquial geek-speak often ties it to the U-15 range and younger.  I’ve actually seen idol websites which prohibit any discussion or imagery pertaining to Junior Idols. Yet do so while openly accepting AKB48 gravure pictures of idols who’re well within the same age grouping. That’s why we have to get away from the actual definition of “Junior Idol” and focus on what’s making people uncomfortable.  Not all, but a lot of people associate the term with images of 7 year olds in bikinis. I’m not going to get into a discussion of what’s right or wrong, or, my personal thoughts on that subject specifically (although, I’ll say 7 year olds aren’t my thing), but I want to mention how because of this general way of thinking, I’ve felt incredibly uncomfortable with publicly sharing my love of all things Shiina Momo.

With stigmas surrounding the Junior Idol market as such, I’ve been reluctant to speak about my being a fan of hers. Now, Momo isn’t a seven year old… but, she might as well be. Not only does she have the body and persona of a child, but is marketed as one. And I foresee her continuing to perpetuate that image for many years to come. If you’re to look at her today –and with clothes on– she might not seem all that young, but I’d understand if some of her older gravure work was seen as suggestive. It would seem Momo’s drawn the biological short straw and doesn’t have much hope for growing into a bra, but she sure has been getting taller and taller lately.

And while I’ve been hesitant to talk about Momo publicly, I’ve never felt insecure or even a bit strange about my feelings towards her. I just find her incredibly adorable and obsess over her dimples and voice.

My favorite videos of Momo are ones where I get to see her acting normal. For example, videos like these I often fantasize about. I like to pretend I’m the man behind the camera and Momo’s my daughter. I have a very powerful imagination and I employ it 99% of the time I indulge in idols.

Daryl Rosa

Also known as iNSPIR1T and IriaChan. My life's about Japanese women, pizza and combat sports. I like writing once a year, photography, martial arts and language learning.

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  • http://twitter.com/SagSousuke sagsousuke

    Whoa, I’m stopping this video right now at the end of the first scene, because if I get 7min of this I’ll be a fan and I don’t have the time for this now. I can understand it though. It remembers me of Erepyon, as every cute thing I see does, of course, but this goes back to the oldest videos I saw, a few words in the making of video from her first PB, and another of her showing her room to some TV showing. Incredibly adorable and obsession over voice, indeed.

    • http://www.yoroshicookie.com/ ダリル ロザ

      lol… off subject.. is there a special way I needa go about making RSS feeds for individual categories or can it be done easily? I’m not too familiar with RSS feeds (outside of following them). For example, I post here a lot more frequently than on that piece of shit idoldome but it’s not all idols.. and so if I asked ray to follow me… I’d need to filter my RSS for him.

      Of course I’m not too concerned or interested in being followed by idoldminded anymore. I’ve kind of just accepted blogging to myself and for myself. If it’s a lot of work I probably won’t even bother lol.

  • http://twitter.com/SagSousuke sagsousuke

    I agree that it’s a lot easier to say I like her now that she’s over 18. Not that I’d tell anyone I know in real life either way…

    • http://twitter.com/iNSPIR1T ダリル ロザ

      You’re still a closeted wota I see. Must be hard. sorta like telling your parents you’re gay, one day you gotta just work up to it and pull the trigger. Let loose. Lol, Erena was pretty loli back when she first got into AKB, so I know what you mean… but, Shiina Momo’s gravure is practically child porn. I’d stay away from google image searches of her in public places.

      • http://twitter.com/SagSousuke sagsousuke

        Well, not really. I’ve got really comfortable in this closet after all this time. I don’t live with my parents anymore; nobody at work knows anything about Japan, and I have no reason to tell them. And even if I ever got to Japan and went full wota, hey, that’d be Japan. Other side of the world. It couldn’t get easier to hide.

        *Sag goes google Shiina Momo*