Japan Block Fair 2015 | Event Report

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Japan Block Fair was held on September 12th, 2015 in lower Manhattan. The entire fair was only around 2-short blocks; as far as a street fairs go, it was on the smaller side. That was disappointing, although, it cut down on needless wandering and an over-saturation of vendors selling the same thing. The weather wasn’t so great; overcast and drizzling from time to time. untitled shoot-4258During peek times there were huge lines queuing up, especially outside the Takoyaki stand.untitled shoot-4168untitled shoot-4170Not being a fan of seafood, I didn’t eat anything. I hate the sweetness and consistency of dango; octopus and squid frighten me– but I didn’t have an appetite regardless, so I didn’t feel I was missing out. I was more interested in just checking it out the event. The only thing I ate was a strawberry ice cream sorta thing. It was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. untitled shoot-4212My girlfriend ate a lot though, and she said the takoyaki was the best she’s had.  untitled shoot-4265untitled shoot-4263The prices were as to be expected, expensive. Everything Japanese in New York is overpriced so it’s not as though I was really surprised.  untitled shoot-4300untitled shoot-4133untitled shoot-4306The energy at the fair was good. Many people had smiles on their faces as they wolfed down food and chatted. Everyone seemed approachable and relaxed and so I didn’t feel as awkward taking pictures. untitled shoot-4216There were a lot of attractive Japanese and Korean girls, which I thoroughly enjoyed checking out. Unfortunately, there were also cosplayers– which I hate– waltzing around in their terrible costumes. There were far more real people than Narutos in attendance, so it was bearable.untitled shoot-4251This picture may not be the best example, but this girl looked a lot like the AV-idol Yuma Asami. untitled shoot-4242untitled shoot-4155There isn’t much to say about Japan Block Fair. And I’m not saying this to detract from the event, I mean it literally. If you’re looking for some good Japanese food and a lighthearted atmosphere, you should consider going.

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