Art or Instant Noodles? The Anime Industry’s decline

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Years ago I was a huge anime otaku, but as time went I outgrew the genre almost entirely. When you’ve seen as many series as I have, starting as far back as I did, the decline of the industry has been nauseatingly apparent. To put it bluntly, it’s all the same shit and it’s all garbage.


Imagine growing up in a household where there was always an abundance of rich, home cooked meals. A wide variety of options, all which taste uniquely different and offer something highly pleasurable to your taste buds. Then years passed and you finally realize how much your lifestyle’s changed; where the only food you get to eat’s instant. I’m talkin’ cheap $3 Thai noodles, fill water to line, add seasoning, microwave 3 minutes on high and enjoy.The anime industry has become over-saturated with instant food.

Everything is a highly processed package of trendy concepts from yesteryear. And the few series which get noted for being better, or “unique” are generally pretentious teenage friendly pseudo-complex stories with no real substance (i.e. Death Note). It seems as though if something works, the industry takes it and packages it. Even the artwork has gone this route. If you pay attention to each era of anime, you’ll notice that while artistic trends have always gained popularity, they never took away from an individual artists’ style. Each artist still brought something different to their work. And in art, your style is your signature; your style’s your worth.

Every once in awhile, I go and read up on upcoming series and check out new shows that are gaining buzz. Perhaps the only pieces worth watching are films, typically those have seen a bit more effort put into them. Most of It’s all the same… just 3 minutes in the microwave, very disappointing.

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