AKB48 at JAPAN DAY 2015 | Event Report

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I went to see AKB48’s performance at Japan Day with my girlfriend Anna. We were able to get pretty close to the stage; there were only around 2 rows of people in front of us. Unfortunately, it was a meaningless effort due to a sea of assholes wielding iPads and cellphones. Motherfucker after motherfucker perfectly stitched together. Everyone, decided to record the performance on their smart device of choice.untitled shoot-2920 untitled shoot-2916

This man forgot his phone, so he proceeded to use Nyannyan’s ass to block people’s view.

Recording staff were positioned awkwardly; they ended up obstructing lots of viewing space with massive camera rigs and boom mics. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few pictures or a short video. I took a few shots myself, as you can see here– the difference was that I kept my camera at eye-level to assure I didn’t block others from seeing.

AKB had good energy and didn’t disappoint in the slightest. It’s unfortunate they weren’t given a longer time-slot. Considering they were the biggest draw for the event, one would assume they’d be given more time than the other acts. The members looked beautiful, especially Saho– but, Kojiharu seemed thinner than usual and almost drained. Maybe it was due to the heat. untitled shoot-2991untitled shoot-2996As the concert went on, I watched Anna grow more upset. She couldn’t see anything and became so flustered she nearly cried. Her most formidable opponent was an elderly woman with a massive phone-case; a case clearly designed with the sole purpose of ruining others’ lives at concerts. I’m not just stereotyping because this woman didn’t fit the demographic, she really didn’t seem to be a fan. I couldn’t understand why recording the entire performance was so important to her.

I nearly snapped. It was a struggle to fight my terrible impulses to swat phones from people’s hands. In an attempt to salvage Anna’s experience, I picked her up and placed her on my boots. I held her tightly and tried my best not to lose balance. It was great to see her finally smile as we slowly rocked and danced to Koisuru Fortune Cookie.untitled shoot-3030

The show was over before it started. As AKB left the stage, fans gave chase and followed them back to their lounge. Many were yelling for Saho; I assume she’s become really popular as of recent, I haven’t kept up with AKB. She did an awesome job flirting with the fans– much unlike the other members who couldn’t wait to leave. Anna called out for Saho in her high-pitched eardrum-devastating voice. She heard, and began waving and smiling towards us. She single-handedly salvaged the day. untitled shoot-3082untitled shoot-3107untitled shoot-3099

The performance was uneventful and so short that it’s curious that they’d bother making the trip at all. Between that and the disgusting fans, we had a pretty bad time, but wait, there’s more…

Unrelated to AKB, I have to mention Melody Morita. I’ve liked Melody for quite sometime and she’s always been very nice to me over social media. It seems whenever I compliment or ask questions, she responds promptly and pleasantly. It was easy to assume she’s friendly and approachable– I’m not sure anymore. untitled shoot-3121untitled shoot-3137

Despite Anna and I being the only ones giving her attention, Melody opted to ignore us. In fact, she walked directly through us as we reached out. She kept her robotic smile and briskly made her way past us. This picture was Melody, right before she past us and ran away.

Perhaps I’m making connections where there are none, but her passive aggressive body language and facial expressions around AKB gave the impression she was upset that hordes of people weren’t giving a shit about her and were focusing on other cute, and younger girls. She had an angry “I suddenly feel older and not as pretty” vibe. I won’t hold any grudges, because I’m sure we’ll run into her again. I just wish she handled that situation differently;”I really needa piss guys” would’ve been fine.

Regarding the other musical performers, these kids were probably the most talented. The smallest kid was pretty damn cute too. untitled shoot-3125There was an art show, which didn’t impress me. Slightly above average artwork practiced into a routine– anyone could do that. The Taiko chicks were pretty hot, but so was the weather. All in all, Japan Day sucked.

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