Yoroshicookie is a blog dedicated to the commentary of Japanese pop-culture, focused primarily on idols, as well as covering Japan related events and culture within New York City.


Daryl Rosa: Writer | Photographer | Videographer X9ape

Since I was a little kid I’ve been interested in Japanese culture. Throughout my life I’ve focused on it and learning more and more about Japan’s culture and language. My main hobbies are photography, writing, video editing, martial arts, the Japanese language and idols. My goal, although unrealistic, is to one day get to Japan and own–or work for– an idol or gravure company. I’m currently aiming to become a professional photographer, but due to social-ineptitude and an overall lack of confidence, I haven’t taken a step. So, I love Japan. 




profAnna H.: Writer | Reporter | Sound Production

I just like idols a lot! I’ve followed them for like 7 years. I like music. I play violin and Japanese browser games. I get upset easily. I really love swinging and hugging my boyfriend. I’m a pretty simple person. My dream is to be the best housewife ever. I hate makeup and pickles. 






The History of Yoroshicookie

Yoroshicookie began as less-formal and focused alternative to another site, PROJECT IDOLDOME (which is now defunct). IDOLDOME, was a Japanese idol blog that featured news and editorials. A lot of work went into the design and function of that site and it was a very large project which proved too difficult for the staff to handle at the time. Yoroshicookie was an escape for me. A place to blog about more than just idols and with less formality.


And PROJECT IDOLDOME was the successor and more “professional” version of my site, WanderingWota, that was ironically my most successful. WanderingWota Website