A Customary Revival Post for 2015

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It’s been a long time since my last post, but I’m back. This post will serve as a digest regarding my idol-fandom and plans for this site.

Here I go. Despite the 48 family being my introduction to idols and even blogging, currently I really dislike them. By 2013 I was pretty much done with ’em– although, Watanabe Miyuki’s still my favorite idol and I follow her closely. On the flip side, I never cared about Morning Musume…but by the end of 2014, they’d end up picking up the torch once held by the 48G!

I went to Morning Musume’s New York concert, which was an agonizing 8-hour queue in the cold, followed by an underwhelming view of the show. It was all just barely salvaged by an overwhelming and all-too-quick handshake event. Didn’t get an hour of sleep the night before either.20141005_104948

Mizuki arm-dragged me into a kissing distance and proceeded to make sweet love to me with her pretty brown eyes. “Ah? Hontou ni? Ureshii“, her voice still reverberates in my ears! It was bittersweet though. At the time I didn’t know many of the members…In fact, I didn’t even know any of the songs performed. I knew I was entering that concert as a complete noob, but I figured it would’ve still been an awesome experience. I wanted to get stage-side like I did with AKB48 in Washington D.C., too bad the line to get the limited CD and a handshake ticket made sure me and my girlfriend Anna were far in the back…and behind an idiotic girl holding a view-blocking device labelled “PERU”, which looked like a sign.

Even at 6’1″ I couldn’t see shit. I felt really bad for Anna–seeing Momusu live was a lifelong dream of hers–but she was still stoked about being able to meet Maachan afterwords. She ended up holding up the entire handshake line as she challenged Maachan to a Janken match. It was sorta embarrassing because that little stunt stole the attention of everyone at the event. I had to personally push her along since the security guard’s effort did nothing and the line got backed up. She more than likely inadvertently and clumsily stole handshake time from others; I definitely felt rushed afterwards.

As for those handshakes; Oda was cute and very pleasant, while Duu was a tad intimidating. Zukki was happy as shit (probably due to the fan reactions she got) and I think I remember Ayumi and Haruna being nice. Eripon seemed like a patronizing bitch and really confused.

The Eripon interaction aggravated me, but it was easily one up’d by Sayumi, who really just seemed bothered that she had to be there. Today, I’m very familiar and comfortable with Morning Musume ’15. And so, it’s devastatingly painful that I have no memory whatsoever of shaking Riho’s hand. Riho, who’d eventually become not only my favorite member, but my 2nd favorite idol after Milky period! I shook hands with Riho, I spoke with her…and it may as well have never even happened. Cruel.

The lowlight performance of my Galaxy S3 is brilliant20141005_181132

Oh, and I made a cameo on the documentary. Could you tell I was pissed?10517274_966317710051185_6848231476144699083_o

Moving on, it’s time to mention the groups I’m following. There’s only a few and I’m nowhere near as religious about it all as before. There’s Kiyoshi Ryujin 25, which is easily my favorite idol group. Morning Musume, Dempagumi.inc and Kamen Joshi. Juice=Juice is still somewhat interesting, but due to their last few releases being garbage, I don’t really know. Oh and there’s a slight chance I’m getting more into Ebichu, although it’s a slow process. My fandom has always gone hand in hand with collecting. So it’s worth mentioning that Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 is the only group I buy goods of at the moment.

The last time I blogged I wrote about my favorite idol group TAKENOKO disbanding and how disillusioned I’d become with the industry. Well, my favorite girl from that duo-group, Natsuki, resurfaced as a member of KR25. I closely follow her so the months leading up to KR25’s first release were agonizing. I was worried for Natsuki and didn’t want to see her go from something as boss as TAKENOKO to some generic-ass group. I blindly pre-ordered their single to support her and once they released their PV to Youtube I was blown away and really happy I did. From that moment I just knew KR25 was gonna be fantastic and that Natsuki had found a wonderful home.

I was overjoyed when 4 members from KR25 ended up favorting my tweet:


Now even though Natsuki was how I learned of KR25 and as a TAKENOKO alumni she’ll always be important to me…I’m in a prolonged love affair with another member from the group named Sakino.

What makes things neat, is that Sakino and Natsuki get along really well and appear to be the closest members in the group. I collect screen caps of them together; when they’re hugging, goofin’ around, etc. If this were 1999 and I had an Angelfire or Geocities website I’d run a fan-fiction lemon site dedicated to them.coll

Lately, rather than idol groups I’ve been following gravure. I’ve always loved gravure but for the last three years that enjoyment has steadily grown alongside my involvement with photography, which is a hobby of mine.

Anyway. I stopped writing because I grew to hate my favorite idol group. I couldn’t find much inspiration to continue talking about something I had lost interest in. And despite me being a fairly bitter person who thoroughly enjoys bad-mouthing things, I just couldn’t find the energy for that negativity.

This blog was never meant to be just about idols…but writing about them was a huge motivator. I was also too picky about the how well written my posts were, which prevented my publishing countless of times. I’m thinking of letting my girlfriend write here too in order to keep it flowing.

I’d like to say I’m going to try something different and that I’ll keep writing, alas old habits do die hard.



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